WELCOME, to Radha Supplies,a global arena,where we take great pleasure in sharing and developing the world’s passion for Quality Indian Tea.

We started off as early as 1978 and today reign supreme in the international market like a colossus owing to our constant and undaunting effort to maintain and at the same time improve our standards. Tea drinkers across the globe unequivocally vouch for us as a company that delivers non-adulterated tea packed with the passion of purity..

We at Radha Supplies respect and take care of our customers irrespective of their balance sheets and that at the same time equal attention is given to everyone as in INDIA customer is next to the almighty.

We specialise in all kinds of tea of genuine Indian origin. Backed by a “state-of-the-art” unit for blending and packing at our warehouse in Kolkata. We supply tea in bulk, packaged tea, tea bags, metal caddies, wooden chestlets, jute bags, paper sacks and also mail order sales.

Today, we are a vibrant organisation serving many with the finest quality of tea and we look forward to serve you with your requirements. Thank you for visiting us. We await to hear from you because your quest for the finest Indian Tea and service ends right at our door step.